Explosives locally – Electronics globally

Pyylahti Ltd. is a Finnish producer and importer of explosives and detonators. Explosives locally – Electronics globally defines the core of our business model. Explosives cannot be easily exported overseas and Pyylahti Ltd. does not have ambitions of becoming a major international player with explosives. Digital Electronic Detonators (EDD) in turn gives us a great opportunity to sell our knowledge and technology around the world. Our electronic detonators are classified as 1.4 S which makes transportation by air possible and our fast deliveries enable our partners to minimize their need for stock. Pyylahti Ltd. has strong capital investors as its support for the overseas expansion which is our short term goal with the Scantronic Electronic Blasting System (EBS). Alongside the capital investors Pyylahti possess high academic level intellectual property advisers for its patent issues.