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Scantronics revolutionize the way the blast planning and detonator hook-up are being done. The new Scantronics cell app guides the blaster from borehole to borehole suggesting the needed products according to the blasting plan. Scantronics app is able to tell where each detonator was placed and allows the blaster to compare the finished detonator hook-up with the original blasting plan. The systems alarms if some boreholes were not charged according to the plan and even allows a 3rd party to follow online each working phase from blast planning to detonator hook-up and virtual test blasting on screen. Scantronics enables the use of mentors’ guidance from far away while all work phases are stored in the cloud together with the blasting plan.

In Finland Pyylahti Ltd. provides full range of explosives and detonators: Bulk emulsion, Anfo, cartridged emulsion, dynamite, tube charges, detonating cords, electric detonators, non-electric detonators, expansive mortar, and naturally our latest innovation: Electronic detonators. Outside of Finland we provide only Scantronic Electronic Blasting System (EBS).

During Q3/2018 Scantronic App will be available on Google play.


Digital electronic detonators

Detonator identification is done by touching your cell with the detonator’s NFC tag. Scantronics EBS guides the blaster from borehole to borehole suggesting the products to be used each time. Before blasting the system checks if the hook-up was done according to the blasting plan and it alarms if the blaster had missed something. All […]

Dynamite and cartridged emulsion explosive

Pyylahti’s has a large product portfolio due to close cooperation with Nitroerg S.A. This cooperation, Pyylahti’s own production and logistical advantages have brought a steady and stable growth to both Nitroerg and Pyylahti.

ANFO and Bulk Emulsion Explosives

Pyylahti has it own ANFO production plant in Kiuruvesi, Finland. In our production we use only the best raw materials and we control our production process continuously. Our goal is to have the strictest quality control and  the highes anfo quality. During 2016 we started selling bulk emulsion explosives and this has increased our sales […]

Non-electric and electric detonators

Our detonators have been well accepted by our customers and we have increased our market share continuously. We can deliver dets within 1–2 to our Finnish end clients and we guarantee well functioning products in all delays and wire/shocktube lengths. Electronic dets can be ordered with 4–8 weeks delivery time as well as blasting caps.

Expansive mortar

Expansive mortar is a good alternative in places where no vibrations or noise can be accepted. This product is easy to use where the user simply has to ad water into the powder. Expansive mortar needs 2–4 days to reach its full expanding power. Our product is designed for professional use (longer reaction time enables […]