We mean business. Blasting business.

Most flexible and reliable supplier of explosives and detonators.

Pyylahti Ltd. purchased its first MEMU (Mobile Explosives Manufacturing Unit) in 2016. Since then we have been able to supply bulk emulsion explosives as well as all the other products our clients need. We even rent working force to the blasting sites and deliver explosives and detonators according to clients’ needs. Our goal is to be the most flexible and reliable supplier of explosives and detonators.

Blast Planner

We offer our clients one of the most user friendly blast planning programs in the market. Blast Planner is a straight forward program for blasters who prefer to get the work done fast and safe. It does not require advanced computer skills but focuses instead on the essential information of the blasters’ work. The new […]

Warehouse for explosives

Pyylahti has extensive experience in the strict regulations and processes in the explosives business. Our service includes all required permits for warehouses and ADR-vehicle registration. if needed we can arrange explosives warehouses to our clients according turnkey principle.

Track and trace

EU “Track and Trace”-directive requires companies to report what and where explosives have been used. With our easy to use service customers fulfill these requirements.